Many of you found DESSO’s recent design Trend Report out of our Copenhagen headquarters very creative and inspiring. However, for  many who requested a file of the report during presentations, the file is too big and bounced back from your server. DESSO is also planning to issue new reports to the trade semi-annually (gotta love the Dutch!), so to make it available and easy to keep up with all the latest TRENDS, I set up a “DROP BOX” where large files can easily be shared and accessed.

I have just loaded the following and will add to it accordingly:

- DESSO Trend Report 2013/2014 and corresponding heavenly textures vol 1 and vol 2

For ease and convenience, I have also added:

- Electric Mirror’s overview catalog, back lit mirror catalog and TV mirror catalog 

For access to my drop box just click on:

I can also set up direct ”sharing”,  so we can send large project designs files back and forth with ease, during specific projects as well.

Kuddo’s to the team at Degen and Degen, Remington Hotels, and DESSO Carpet for this beautiful Axminster Installation at Seattle Marriott Waterfront. An amazing feat, and wonderful example of creative design and planning to space!



When inspirational design and expert planning come together – it’s magic! (with a pinch of technology!)


Thank you Degen and Degen. It’s always a pleasure to work with your exceptional team!

Let DESSO’s expert design and planning team help make the most of your design inspiration and imagination, with your next custom carpet space. And… our same expert Axminster team also designs and plans custom Chrome Jet printed carpet as well, so be sure and include DESSO in all your custom carpet opportunities.


It’s never too early to talk about initial design, and we can always jump in anywhere along the way to discuss concept, inspiration and the space. I am happy to set up a “Go To” meeting to discuss your custom carpet ideas with DESSO’s design and planning team, no matter where you are in the process.


“Let it flow!”


And for simple fast track projects, it’s quick and easy with our on-line design library.

1 - Choose from hundreds of existing designs

2 - Custom color existing designs

3 - Scale and drop designs into floor plan templates for review 

 All at:

Easier yet, simply email or just give me a call at 206.396.1100. I can easily initiate a search from thousands of our current and archived designs as well, and drop in your color selections as per directed. Whatever works best for you, I am more than happy to assist.

Many of you have been asking me for the healthy recipes I’ve been making for lunch presentations, so here they are!

BRAIN HEALTHY * Heart healthy * Gluten Free * Dairy Free * Guilt Free

Wilted Greens with Avocado


1 bag Trader Joes Cruciferous Crunch Collection (Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, cabbage)

1 tbs Coconut or Avocado oil  (for cooking)


Prosciutto, 2 slices

½ lemon and drizzle of olive oil

Bring pan to medium temp and add cooking oil. Lay down both slices of prosciutto and cook both sides until crispy, then remove from pan and rest on paper towel. Add bag of greens into pan and let sear for about a minute without stirring in the cooking oil from the prosciutto. Toss and cover for another minute until just wilted. Remove from heat and finish with a squeeze of lemon, pepper, and light drizzle of olive oil. Top with avocado and broken up prosciutto slices right before serving at room temp.

Quinoa salad on a bed of Arugula


1 bag Quinoa Duo, vegetable melange (squash, zucchini, herbs) from the freezer section at Trader Joes.

Handful Italian Parsley

Handful green onion

½ lemon and drizzle of olive oil (optional - splash of Pasta and Company basic herb dressing)

Fresh Arugula (spinach also good substitute)

Defrost Quinoa blend and add chopped parsley and green onion and toss with lemon and olive oil to taste. Toss arugula with sea salt, pepper and lemon lightly. Spread out in serving bowl to make a nest, and spoon quinoa salad into the center. Serve with sheep milk feta and sliced chicken breast on the side

Bon Appetit!

Fantastic Values * Great lead times * Fresh Pallets   

Amazing selection of supple, shimmering and organically inspired faux leathers from Brazil



Presidential Collection (partial)

Fantastic pallets and values for guest room (headboards), restaurant and stack chairs  etc…



Outdoor fabrics extraordinaire with Laura Bell


And much much more!

Product offerings include faux leather (both polyurethane and PVC), indoor upholstery, drapery and sheer fabrics; outdoor upholstery, drapery and sheer fabrics as well as outdoor rugs and custom outdoor cushions.

To see the textile collections, go to:

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Or learn more: www.marthaslinelist.tumblr/appian



The first and only Bluetooth wireless technology enabled mirrors!


Now with a simple touch, your Electric Mirror can become and interactive stereo that will stream any audio content from any Bluetooth smart ready device.


As easy as using a Bluetooth headset, VIVE technology embedded in the mirrors allow listeners to access their own personal music, books on tape, internet radio, or any audio signal you may want to stream through your audio device!


Pretty Cool huh?

So make sure to stop by and check it out, along with the rest of EM’s latest and greatest in styles and technology. You can also just give me a call, and I’ll be happy to come by and get you up to speed anytime!



Electric Mirror not only innovated lighted and Mirror TV Technology, they ARE the State of the ART in Mirror Technology, and they do it with HEART!  

Now how Cool is that!


World Headquarters in Everett, Washington. The hearts behind every EM mirror.


IAP is on the GO!

Go Big!


 Go Easy!


Even the simplest easy care plantings live large with high impact, in IAP’s sophisticated planters.

Go Wet!


Go Wild!


IAP planters as an ART installation!

Go Green!


The Neptune! IAP’s latest treasure in trash receptacles (recycle inserts available for all trash receptacles!)

Go in a ROW!


Turn heads with an eye stopping line-up of IAP planters 


Go across the Bay!


After 38 years in the SF Design Center, IAP moved across the bay into their newly expanded and renovated Oakland distribution center. The move not only increases efficiency and ease of communication with the warehouse, it’s now the perfect “one stop” destination to see the latest and greatest IAP has to offer. Visitors always WELCOME

IAP’s New Office

2868 Chapman Street

Oakland, CA  94601

New Phone: 510-536-4886

New Fax: 510-536-4899

Toll Free 1-800-426-6471


Stop by for a Tropical Treat at HD! Or at least to take a seat and rest your feet!


As always, Del Tropico is dishing up a stylish array of new hot tropical designs, built sustainably and for longevity, ensuring a carefree experience for both guests and property managers and maintenance.


Be sure and ask Steve Morrison about the quality materials and finishes that set Del Tropico apart from the competition, while at the same time staying competitive with lasting value. Our poolside “BLUE” lines, are proving to be a favorite for cruise lines, restaurants and major hotel groups. 




Be it luxurious Axminster or highest quality ChromoJet printed carpet, the creative, talented and experience rich carpet designers and planners at DESSO, help make your custom carpet project a pleasure from start to finish. Our friendly, efficient and interactive process with DESSO’s expert team of designers and planners allows for an amazingly seamless and swift experience from original concept to installation.


You can even select from hundreds of our designs on-line, (pulled from our vast archives of thousands), to play with in real time to help formulate your initial design intent and color pallet. It’s a simple and easy design tool, perfect for creating early concept boards.


Short deadlines and tight budgets?

Desso’s ChromoJet Printed carpet program is a perfect solution!

Laser jet printed carpet is better than ever and worth a second look when comparing to solution dyed. You may be surprised with all the benefits state of the art quality printed carpet has to offer.  Whether you want to create a custom design or select  from our thousands of designs, Desso’s same expert Design & Planning  team will ensure that your project meets your design intent swiftly and beautifully.


-Cut pile and Textured Bases
-4-6 week lead times

-5 Star design at 3-4 Star budgets

-Excellent quality & service

Please remember to give DESSO a shot at helping you design your next carpet project. I would be delighted  to demonstrate just how wonderful DESSO is to work with, and what our creative design and planning team can do for you right from the start of your design concept. There is also nothing to loose, in letting us show you how much time we can also save you in the process!

Custom * Standard * Regional * Import

 Michi Design is not only manufactured regionally and sustainably with endless custom capabilities, they also have integrated operations with QC and oversight overseas to stay competitive in today’s demanding market.

Best of all, Michi’s custom capabilities are the perfect regional resource to bring your creative concepts to LIGHT! Recent examples above.

Bob James

Chancery Place apartments is owned and operated by Catholic Housing Services, (HUD),  and serves a diverse population of low income seniors in 84 units, across the street from St. James Cathedral on Marion in downtown Seattle.

For years, long time resident Bob James envisioned a full scale garden gracing the roof top space atop the building. The sparse area had been sorely underutilized with an unattractive scattering of pots, but Bob knew it’s potential and never gave up hope. This year, Bob got his wish!


 Funded through the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy for Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program,  $10,000 in funding was awarded to Chancery Place to construct the rooftop farm . The Levy set aside funding to build gardens with low income housing programs in partnership with housing providers; different from a traditional p-patch, Chancery Place and its residents will be responsible for managing their garden.

Laura Raymond, Seattle Department of neighborhoods

Up until this point, seniors interested in gardening there were limited to a few small buckets filled with soil and a few plants.  There was so much interest when residents learned they could be assigned their own P. Patch containers, all were reserved before they were even installed.

Despite having to haul 4 yards of soil in small containers, via hallways and an elevator to reach the roof top destination, an inspired gathering of residents and volunteers got the job done in just one day!


Cindy Streltzov, Program Director for Chancery, says “Residents will really benefit from this garden, not only we will be bringing beauty to our outdoor space, but residents can grow their own vegetables which are expensive at stores. We hope to donate extra food grown to our neighborhood food banks.”


Volunteer Michael Seliiga, Edible Landscapes, designed the roof top garden

Not only does Chancery Place now have a wonderful roof top farm, it’s a magnificent inviting outdoor gathering and green space amongst the brick, steel and glass of Seattle’s surrounding skyline. Topping off Bob’s dream, Chancery’s new garden brings grace to all others who have the privilege of looking upon it from their office windows and surrounding perches.


Volunteers and residents on planting day

Chancery Place community garden project is a partnership between the Just Garden Project, Catholic Housing Services, and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.  The garden was designed through community process with the help of Cascadian Edible Landscapes, Rotoluxe, Chancery Place staff, residents and volunteers, and the Just Garden Project.